Oak Bay Real Estate | Market Review Sept 2, 2018

Oak Bay Real Estate | Market Review Sept 2, 2018

Sept 2/18 Oak Bay Real Estate.. Activity-Indicates heading to a more balanced Market in Oak Bay.

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Oak Bay Real Estate… Sept 2 Single Family Home Stats:

Oak Bay HomeTotal Oak Bay Single Family Home Sales in

August = 41 
Average Oak Bay Home Pending Selling Price in August was $ $1,925,529. A Single Pending Sale of $7,888,000 in the Uplands area pushed the Average sale price up

Total Oak Bay Single Family Home Completed Sales in August = 24
 Average Oak Bay Completed Home Selling Price  was $1,837,417

Oak Bay Real Estate.. activity since Jan1 of 2018 indicates it’s still a Seller market in August with 5 months of inventory of Single Family homes, and heading to a balanced market between home buyers and sellers.

This report may not indicate a market trend in the coming months in Oak Bay BC, however it should give you an idea of the current Oak Bay Real Estate activity with Oak Bay single family homes,  (since January).

Number of Single Family Homes Currently For Sale in Oak Bay
Average Asking Price = $2,601,168 (67 homes over 1 million dollars for sale)
Average Days on the Market = 70

Current Pending Sales = 26  

Current Average Pending Selling Price =  $2,011,746

Days on the Market = 38 .

Single Family Oak Bay Homes
 Sold in 2018 (completed single family home sales Jan 1/18 to Sept 2, 2018 =  112
Willows Beach Early in the Morning-Fred Carver Oak Bay
Let’s look at what the current Oak Bay Real Estate activity is telling us…..
These Stats indicate Oak Bay Real Estate is currently a still Sellers market, meaning little room to negotiate for Oak Bay home Buyers. 

Information source Victoria Real Estate Board database on Matrix 
Data complied by Fred Carver Sept 2/ 18 Fred has over 45 plus years experience selling real estate in Oak Bay for Re/Max Camosun-

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